Monday, June 7, 2010

In The Headlines

Where were the tornadoes that were supposed to roll through this weekend? The raging thunderstorms? I'm okay with the lack of stormage, but I'm still waiting for a front to come through.

Uno put up some new stencils recently.

Here's a collection of street art in Toronto.

Diamondback Online reviews Beyond the Street: The 100 Leading Figures in Urban Art.

Tonic analyzes some of street art's heavy hitters and their impact on the art world.

Upfest rocked Bristol this past weekend. You can still see the results of the festival through July 17.

If you weren't in Atlanta to catch Artlantis this past Saturday, you can still meet up with the guys from Beep Beep Gallery all summer long.

Ken Foster a.k.a. SKOR tags the hell out of Vancouver.

Remi and Jaybo invite you to ProjectRoom London on June 10th.

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