Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 2010: Superpastel in Buenos Aires

Today's a big day around here: in addition to three World Cup games, the class of 2010 graduates tonight. Since I've spent two years at this school, I'm really going to miss some of these guys. Congratulations, everyone! Today, we travel to the southern hemisphere to hear from Superpastel and his mission to document Buenos Aires. He writes:
"I started painting 10 years ago in the city of Buenos Aires. I like painting in areas like Saavedra, Palermo and Villa Crespo."
"My style was generated by several parallel transformations. I'm finishing up my architecture degree at the University of Buenos Aires, where I was working over time to achieve a connection between graffiti, urban planning and architecture."
"I like working on group walls as well as individual paintings."
"Any spot is good if there's friends and sun. I love seeing other parts of Argentina as I paint."
"I'm working on documenting the street, not just in drawings or photos. I love Argentina's architecture from the '20s-'50s."

Gracias, Superpastel! For more photo documentation, take a look at his Flickr.


  1. I'm in agreement over some of the street art in Buenos Aires, there is some real nice work out there. Nice images here too!

  2. Thanks so much, Russ! I'm glad you liked Superpastel's work. I definitely need to get out to BA soon.

  3. Very nice pictures!
    I love street art!
    I'm staying in an apartments for rent in buenos aires and 3 blocs away from here there are some murals. YOu should check them out!

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