Wednesday, December 10, 2008

April 2008-Montréal

I found this creeper while roaming around the Mile End neighborhood of Montréal, Canada. This neighborhood is teeming with graffiti throw-ups and street art alike. I found this blue beanpole on the outside of USINE 106U, an art gallery/laboratory where art is shown and created simultaneously. This blue beanpole took me by surprise as I rounded the corner. I felt that way about most of Montréal; everywhere I went, I craned my neck to find another sticker or stencil nestled away in an unlikely place.

Thanks to Mish for following me around for five hours. I apologize to everyone who's ever been dragged out on one of my tireless searches. It must be incredibly taxing if you're not hunting for fresh paint.

P.S. I apologize that I'm not posting artists with my photos. I'm currently working on compiling a guide in my spare time but it may take a bit. If you can enlighten me or anyone else,       please post a comment!

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