Tuesday, December 16, 2008

December 2007-Boston

Until December of last year, I found the Boston street art scene to be fairly dry. Maybe I wasn't looking hard enough or I was missing the good neighborhoods, but after spending four years in the area, I'd yet to stumble on something impressive. That all changed when I picked up an issue of Boston's Weekly Dig and found an article on Modica Way. Located at 567 Mass. Ave. next to Cambridge's Central Kitchen restaurant, the alley is packed full of tags, wheatpastes, stickers, and stencils. When I visited, Niñeta's coy nymphs flirted with Goldenstash's mustachioed macho man. Nine Revolutions proclaimed their undying love over a of leaves and...blue chicken heads? Flowerguy's pretty perennials sprouted up over quirky wheatpasted collages while Billi Kid's retro stickers flew headfirst into a chalk horse's mouth.  The best part about the alley? You'll never see the same wall twice. Every so often, local artists hit the "refresh" button and paint it over with a whole new crew of contributors. I returned this fall to a completely new view (and yes, I will post those later). Check the wall out for yourself and see what's fresh; take the Red Line to Central Square and follow the trail. (More photos coming soon...)

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