Monday, December 15, 2008

March 2008-London

My lovely friend, Cara, sent me this photo last week. She spent time in London during the spring of 2008. She writes: 
"Okay, so the picture isn't very good; I took it at night so the flash created a little glare. This is a stencil that my friend, Nelson Fox, made. He put her all over our neighborhood in London. Nelson's pretty crazy at making stencils. This picture happens to be in a phone booth at the end of our street. Above the phone, there are all these cutouts from porn magazines and numbers for phone sex. Then, if you turn away from that and just look at the inside of the booth, there's this stencil of a really pretty girl with a super seductive look on her face. I just think it's gorgeous. Nelson said he was going to make one of my friend Anne and me, but then he disappeared off Facebook. I don't know if I'll ever have my face spray-painted all over a wonderful city or not."

It must be wild having your face plastered all over buildings. However, I'd be disconcerted if I were waiting for the bus and found myself staring back at me. Thanks for the shot and the story, Cara! For those of you who'd like to share, send your words + images to 

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  1. haha actually you're totally right, that would be a little creepy. still kind of cool though. you're standing at a bus stop that has your face next to the map and all the other people around you are like "whoa! is that you?!" hahaha