Monday, December 22, 2008

In The Headlines

Mondays always get a bad rap; they're manic, blue, rainy, stormy, and sometimes it feels like they'll never end. Pairing a Monday with a chilly meteorological mess makes me want to plug my ass with leaves and berries and konk out until March (the bears know what's UP). Fortunately, prior to my quest for hibernation, I surfed the 'net and compiled a yummy winter snack for you. Enjoy it while it lasts because this tasty dish only comes once a week. 

In this week's news:

Nick Stillman waxes poetic about his graf roots.    

It's too damn cold outside so Canadian street artists are taking the buildings indoors. The Royal Ontario Museum presents "Housepaint", a unique take on art in public spaces.

Avid knitters Rachael Elwell and Sarah Hardacre take to the streets with the cuddliest brand of urban art to date: yarn bombing.

French artist Koralie is taking her peaceful geishas to the streets of Brooklyn.

In San Francisco, street artists are passing on their knowledge and skills to a younger generation.

If you're in Mumbai any time soon, keep an eye out for Tracy Lee Stum and her optical illusions.

And the big question: DOES street art deserve a place in art history? (feel free to use the 'comments' section to discuss!)

For now, I'm on vacation. Hopefully the new year will bring some interesting surprises to the blog. Please keep sending me your stuff and thanks for reading!

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