Wednesday, December 17, 2008

August 2008-Berlin

Today's post comes from Yasmine in sunny Montréal, Canada. Her photos come mainly from the Mitte section of Berlin. She writes:

"The one with the blue gentleman and green around him is super popular because it is by a hostel around Rosenthalerplatz and a design firm built out of shipping containers. That combo in itself was freaking sweet! There are so many sweet things in Berlin but you see so many that you get desensitized. That one stuck out regardless."

"The Garfieldesque cat described my mood at that moment. Plus it is a random find in this tunnel area. But really, a toaster, a cat telling you to shove it, and a volleyball? Brilliant."

"The talking cameras were in the same area as the cat. The entire tunnel was plastered with awesome things (even some Lego hearts and mirrors reflecting from the other side of the wall). It's funny because we are always being watched somewhere, somehow. You can barely ever waltz around freely anymore! The cameras are talking and from what I can make out of them, one of them is saying "Bernie is sick!" and the other one responds "Oh, I know Bernie!" Haha ah! I like."

"The following stencil reminded me a lot of Banksy. I don't if it's him or not, but I quite enjoyed the little boy on the steps, just hangin' out. You know how it is!"

"Finally, the last one is Oje/Lucy! My camera batteries were dead most times when I saw awesome graf (again, there was SO much of it), but Lucy was everywhere: on the sidewalk, in little corners of here and there, up high, down low! Super cute. She's kind of comforting but also taunting, like 'HERE I AM!'"

"The Berlin wall is basically only graf. After a certain point, you think "Okay, this wall is loooooooong." You have to pick which things to take pics of when you know your batteries are about to die. I'm going with twelve cameras next time. Okay, maybe two. Maybe we can meet up there. YES!"

I agree, Yas. From what I've heard, Berlin is a place I desperately need to see. Does anyone have other shots from Berlin or elsewhere? Send them my way! Also, get ready because Friday's post is shaping up to be massive. Fast your seatbelts and brace for impact.

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