Thursday, August 27, 2009

August 2009: Derek in Windham

This post combines two of my favorite things: people who contact me about the blog AND people who work in Connecticut. Derek, an artist from the Windham area, sent me a link and some info about his work. Derek's work is particularly encouraging given an unfortunate encounter today. I meant to photograph a local stencil at the high school, but I waited too long. Today, the piece was obstructed by a giant Krylon phallus. That's right, big spraypaint dick. Original. Derek's stickers give me hope that something's going on in my state. While I haven't seen a purple bunny in my neck of the woods, I'm definitely keeping my eyes peeled. He writes.
"I grew up a shy and quiet kid, drawing has always been my voice. It was the most comfortable way for me to everything in my head out and was always a great ice breaker for making some friends along the way."
"At a young age, I became obsessed with sci-fi and horror movies (Star Wars, Jaws, Godzilla). The impression those movies and comic books left on me shines through in my work today. I like to create from my imagination. Why paint or draw something that is sitting right in front of you or that you see in your everyday life? Create something from the deepest, darkest parts of your mind. Show people that you can think."
"I've been told by a few that my style is a cross between comic books and graffiti. I really don't think I have a particular style like most artists. When I see something another artist did that I admire, it sparks something in me and I create from that. If an artists does something I like, I'll take that and morph it with my style."
"The sad,purple bunny kinda became my mascot about a year ago. I thought it was a pretty simple and recognizable figure. He kinda represents how the majority of people are forced to put on a suit every day and endure an uncomfortable situation, whether it be a job they hate or just trying to fit in at school."
"I put together a sticker sheet on my deviantART page and asked kids to print'em and stick'em. Since then, I have received a few pictures of where they have been stuck. I have only seen one in a nearby town."

Thanks, Derek! I'm so pleased that you found me. Way to rep that CT scene! For more info on Derek, his paintings, or his bunnies, visit his blog or his deviantART page.

Also, Steve sent me this Swatch info to follow up on one of our posts. Apparently, you're entered to win a Billy the Artist watch (see below) if you follow Swatch US on Twitter. That's a lot easier than collecting box tops.

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