Thursday, August 13, 2009

August 2009: Nazzar in Bogotá

My friend Padric graduates in 2010, but he's already planning for the future. After spending a year abroad in Spain and Argentina, respectively, he still hasn't gotten the Spanish bug out of his system. One potential plan involves winning a Fulbright to Colombia. I couldn't agree more. With all the constant creativity bursting out of Bogotá, who wouldn't want to be there? Today, Dulce Hogar, a.k.a. Stinkfish, tells us about Argentine stencil artist Nazzar's upcoming exhibit. He writes:

“Memory Canalla presents Nazzar along with Bogotá’s Street Collective. The exhibit kicks off on August 13 at 6 p.m. at the Museo de Bogotá in Candelaria. For more info, visit the museum’s website.”
“Born in 1978 in Argentina’s Tucumán province, Nazzar was raised and trained in Buenos Aires. This stencil artist uses his discipline as a means of personal expression. He rephrases and uses public space in order to convey a message.”
“Through his stencils, he actively intervenes in the community. Nazzar is committed to his surroundings, seeking to generate reactions and promote greater social awareness. While he also dabbles in illustration, tattoos, music, and designs, he specializes in stencils.”
“In 2006, Nazzar participated in major international exhibitions. He displayed his work in French and Viennese galleries. You can also find his works published in stencil books in Argentina and France’s Stencil History X.”
“In addition to his Argentine projects, he’s also worked on the streets of Germany, England, France, and Brazil. Currently, he’s involved in numerous projects. Each piece focuses strongly on the idea of content. He strives to carefully produce works with substance so his paintings leave more than just a visual impact.”

Gracias, Dulce! Thanks for the update. Today, I need to start packing. Cape Cod is calling my name, but I promise a ProFile before I take a break. See you tomorrow!

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