Monday, August 3, 2009

In The Headlines

I am completely void of energy right now. This coaching certification class is great, but the drive is a nightmare. One hour and fifteen minutes EACH WAY? I hate driving to begin with, so it can't be over soon enough. Fortunately, I'm getting it together and gearing up for a good year. While I hit the snooze button, you should read the headlines.
Tom Blackford’s show, "The Sky's the Limit," closed this past weekend, but you can still look at photos on his blog.

If you're in NYC this week, head over to Art Bar on Wednesday. We'll be there from 7 p.m. on for drinks, food, and conversation.

Curbs and Stoops fell head over heals for Baltimore native Gaia this past week.

L.A. surf shop 225 Forest is trying to create a street art vibe in their new digs.

If I saw this piece on the streets of San Fran, I wouldn’t know what to make of it.

Does Newsweek really care about the street art in galleries debate?

A reporter chronicles the Walk to Art tour in Melbourne, Australia. It looks amazing!

This is probably my favorite link of the week. Any Venezuelan readers out there? What’s really going on in the streets? We haven’t represented your country yet!

Street artists like Eltono and Nuria Mora will add a splash of color to the Urban Stage creative arts block in São Paolo, Brazil.

London’s Charlotte Street Blues Bar announced its search for the next Banksy. (Apparently, Goldie is a judge on the committee). Think you’ve got what it takes? Send them a sketch via e-mail!

Artnet’s cup overfloweth with cash money as urban and street pieces fly off their virtual auction blocks.

Zev’s retooling of high fashion logos is trés chic.

Now I’ve seen everything: even DC is riding the street art wave. Check out "Street/Studio", a show celebrating street artists, at Irvine Contemporary.

Pick up a copy of Remi Rough’s book, Lost Colours and Alibis. It’s jam packed with all the tagged up walls and trains you can handle.

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