Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm Back! In The Headlines

I'm back! Did you miss me? After a week of swimming, biking, and eating fish, I've returned refreshed and ready to write more posts. No, I didn't bring you back a stuffed lobster or a corny tee shirt, but I did manage to whip up some headlines before I threw all my laundry in the washer.

First off, I’d like to draw your attention to the “Primary Sources” sidebar. We’ve got two new neighbors. Andrea says “hej” from Fubalu in Zurich while Emily says “what’s up?” from Madison Street Art. Definitely give these folks a shout and check out what they’re posting!

The Scottish National Portrait Gallery is getting a facelift from graffiti artists with its “Rough Cut Nation” exhibit.

Manchester, Mass., residents said “no” to a proposed graffiti mural.

If you’ve looked at a light post on New York City’s Lower East Side, you’ve probably seen Jim Powers’s mosaics.

This blog contains some drive-by shots of street art in LA.

San Francisco’s Mission District is teeming with street art and artists; here's a sample.

Here’s Kurt Werner’s newest pseudo-3D piece in Bettona, Italy.

In this video clip, Billy the Artist gets excited about his new Swatch designs.

Hush has some sassy new projects online at Urban Angel.

UIC student Firas Alktaheeb created the Obama “Joker” posters, but his hands are clean of wheatpaste.

Michael De Feo recently returned from Hong Kong after “planting” a few pieces. View the end product at his website.

Rod McPhee implores Yorkshire graffiti powerwashers to give it a rest.

Even little kids can’t draw on Devon sidewalks anymore; their chalk scribbles are getting the scrub, too.

Art teacher Ian Sands and his students placed colorful critters around Apex, North Carolina, to brighten up the neighborhood.

San Francisco’s 1AM gallery offers stencil classes this Wednesday from 5:30-7 pm.

Shepard Fairey and Eastsider blogger Jesus Sanchez went head to head when Sanchez discovered that the artist covered the exterior of his gallery with anti-graffiti coating.

Princess Hijab’s posters are included in “The Seen and the Hidden: (Dis)-covering the Veil,” a show running through August 29 at New York City’s Austrian Cultural Forum.

Good question: If the NYPD is fining street artists and sending taggers to jail, should they be doing the same to companies putting up illegal ads on our walls?

Curbs and Stoops posted a write-up about Indonesian artist Arkiv last week.

Shell Sheddy’s photographs document New York’s graffiti scene in “Reading the Writing on the Wall.” The show runs through August 29 at the Tompkins Square Park Library Gallery.

Jon Burgerman’s visit to the U.S. was nothing but busy. He painted in BK, created some stickers for Japan, and opened his latest show (aptly titled ‘My American Summer’) at Giant Robot in L.E.S. New York City thanks you, Jon!

The graff and street art exhibit “State of the City” runs through September 20 at Rochester Contemporary. For more information, check the museum’s website.

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