Wednesday, August 5, 2009

July 2009: Belgrade with Sholim + PARTY TIME TONITE

Some day, I need to go to Serbia. A while back, we heard from Mina, a Serbian street artist. Today, we hear from her fellow countryman, Sholim. Apparently, their high school is the place to be if you're a creative Serbian teen! He talks about his roots and where he's going next. He writes:

"As a teenager, I got interested in underground comics and illustrations."
"High school for design in Belgrade (already mentioned on this blog) was very inspiring place for making friendships, improving creativity, and exploring different art styles."
"After that period, I discovered the cheapest tehnique and dedicated more than two years to spontaneously creating an authentic style."

"I took part in several students and young artists' exhibitions and I'm planning my first individual exhibition for October. Also, I made stickers for public spaces (buses, elevators, etc.)"

"Nowadays, I do digital illustration and video art, but most time I spend producing music for my band, Camaro Kids."

Thanks so much, Sholim! Definitely let me know how the exhibit goes. I'd love to know!

Also, if you're in NYC, you should definitely stop by Art Bar tonight after 7 p.m. Tonight's my last night in the city for a while, so come by for a drink and a chat. I'll be in the back wearing a purple and orange dress. And yes, I look exactly like my stencil picture.

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  1. remindes me of MTV in the early nineties