Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 2009: 100th Post with xxCrew

Happy 100th post! To celebrate, I'm pulling out all the stops. Today's post comes from Germany's xxCrew. What's so special about them? They spread their trademark stickers inside DVD cases. Observe:
“The idea for the DVDs came from The Ragtag. We wanted to make something people could find in the store that critiqued the sellout machinery.” “Actually, they’re just a lot of fun. I designed the cover and then we filled the hull with our stickers. On the hull of the printed barcode, we had graffiti by a Polish magazine. We got the DVD cases from the flea market.” 
“The finished DVDs are smuggled in Brussels, Dresden and Munster in a well-stocked museum shops and design/graffiti art bookshops.”  “We started the project in late January in Brussels, but only distributed about 10 DVDs the first time. No messages came through about a reported purchase or attempt to purchase. The stickers, however, are by us and by friends over the world, so we do occasionally encounter them sometimes on the Internet.”  “xxCrew has been around for about seven years, and it’s been four years since our first Ragtag experience. Our early stickers were small and very simple scenes with figures or small stickers with texts. We like working on stickers, but we’ve also created major projects like the road sign series in Brussels.” 

On their blog, you can find more photos of DVDs released into the wild. For more info, check their website. 

Awesome, guys! Thank you so much. I am so impressed with your idea! I hope a lonely DVD case somehow ends up in Berlin so I can find it on my visit. To all my readers, thank you so much for sticking with me. I'm so pleased that 100 posts later, Illicit is still going strong!

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