Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April 2009: Hebron with Dig Safe

Pretty mind-blowing stuff, this one. I've seen Dig Safe's stuff around for years, but I think he's either branching out or recruiting a posse. The spring weather brings writers out in full force, so let's see the best of what Hebron has to offer.
Are these supposed to be candy buttons? Polka dots? Multi-colored checkers? I found these brightening up the local gas station. The attendant gave me a funny look, but I think they're fabulous.
Such a realistic rendering! Has Dig Safe moved on from text to image? What's he trying to tell us? What does it all mean?
Finally, here's the new tag by Dig Safe's latest crew member. I think he or she is still figuring out how the name should be spelled. A little unorthodox in terms of length, but PCS gets up like no other. I think you'll be seeing this tag in a neighborhood near you.

Like what you see? Hope so! (P.S. Happy April Fool's Day!).

All kidding aside, here's a very real event that you need to know about. First, my friends over at The Figurehead Project are putting on a sticker expo in Willimantic, CT. Head over to The Annex on May 30 for an evening of art, music, and sticker trades. Currently, they're calling for submissions. If you want your stickers traded all over New England, definitely send them a pack or eight. For more info, check them on MySpace

Tomorrow, I promise my posts will return to normal. Hope you don't get punked today!

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