Thursday, April 9, 2009

April 2009: Tijuana with Luchuk

I hope to do some traveling this summer and Mexico is near the top of my list. Guess I should get a book and work on my Spanish, ja? I'd love to see some of these stickers if I go. Luchuk, a street artist from Tijuana, Mexico, shares his thoughts and stories about his work today. He writes:

“My name is Eder ‘Luchuk’ C.L. and I am from Tijuana, Mexico. I’ve studied graphic design and drawing since I was small. I always knew I wanted to devote myself to art. I draw fan art, comics, and cartoons. I’ve been doing street art for about four or five years. It’s addictive!” “When I’m not painting on the streets, I personally love painting in my room because it has everything I like. My small studio space is where everything comes to life.”  “Fortunately, I have never been caught, jaja! Getting away with it creates the rush you feel when you’re painting or gluing things in the street.I think the street is a giant canvas. It is the best space where you can express yourself and show your stuff to hundreds of people. Obviously, I respect locations like homes or private places.” 

 “I feel that if my characters express something. They express my feelings or emotions when I am sad, frustrated, angry, or melancholy. However, I want people to view them the way they want to see, not the way that makes sense to me.”

“I feel that here in Tijuana there's not much support for street art. However, there is a lot of good talent. My goal for the future is to expand to other areas and to do collaborations with other artists.”

“Right now, I'm doing a lot of large stencils, new sticker designs, wheat pasting posters, artwork made by pasting cardboard, decorating beer and wine bottles, drawing portraits for friends.” 

All images courtesy of Luchuk. For more information, visit his MySpace or blog.

Luchuk, gracias por su contribución! Me encantó sus fotos y historias. I'm off to New York tonight to visit my ladies and my favorite Ghanian will actually be in attendance! However, I promise to have your Friday ProFile ready and raring to go. Well, perhaps a little later in the morning than usual. We'll see. Have a good one!

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