Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April 2009: Nieuwleusen Overijssel with Pieter Zandvliet

Before we hear from today’s artist, I’d like to mention that I found another one of those “Comrade Obama” stickers today (see yesterday’s post). This time, I found one on a stop sign in Marlborough, the next town over. Anyone know what’s going on? If you’re in the know, let me know! Today’s post is short and sweet. Dutch artist Pieter Zandvliet started on the streets but transitioned to galleries. He writes: 

“I began in 1994 with A4 stickers. I covered them in original cartoons and stuck them all over the center of Rotterdam.”  “I stopped after a fight with two police suckers in 2005. I still miss it. Sometimes I relapse and stick some of them.”  Today, I live for mixed medias.  What’s next? I dream of a big show in a big city where everybody loves my art!” All images courtesy of Pieter Zandvliet. For more information, visit his website.

Thanks, Pieter! I really appreciate your contribution. Now you can sit back and enjoy the rest of the posts!

Also, I forgot to give credit to Gotcha for the Irish artist and his impromptu show at the national gallery. Thanks! Tomorrow’s post follows up last week’s Amsterdam report with a lengthy note from the aforementioned Nick.

And finally (shameless plug), I wrote a small piece on Michael De Feo for Push It MagazineThe piece is cached in the website’s “Art” section. Let me know what you think! 

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