Monday, April 13, 2009

In The Headlines

Well, that was a change of plans. I was all set to go to NYC when a wave of exhaustion overwhelmed me and changed my mind. Instead, I stayed home and didn't do any of the London prep that I should've. I'll get to it. On Thursday. It's the week before vacation, so we're going out in style with some heavy-hitters. You'll have to wait and see! Today's photo comes from my friend Lindsay. Last week, she had a week off from teaching in Baltimore. Fully capitalizing on her break, she took off for San Francisco and sent me this Os Gemeos on the side of a building. Merci! And now, headlines.

A staircase at Five Pointz collapsed, leaving a woman critically injured.

ABC Local News ran a piece on Pacific Art Collective. 

Street artist Ellis G. does firetagging? By the looks of these photos, he appears to be indoors. What gallery has that kind of insurance?  (Thanks for the tip, Beaks!)

Residents of Bristol are still reeling after the defacement of Banksy’s murals. 

When spring has sprung, gallery openings crop up all over the place. On May 1, Auckland’s Cut Collective presents “Paper, Scissors, Stock,” a show at CCHQ.

Caleb Neelon’s San Francisco show is in full effect at White Walls. He chats with Allan Hough about the past, present, and future of his work.

If you’re in Chicago on May 2, stop by Revolution Tattoo and Art Gallery for Toby Stanger’s and Matthew Ryan Sharp’s show opener. 

Remi/Rough’s friend Jaybo has a solo show coming up at the Nancy Victor Gallery on April 24 (I may actually be able to get to this one!) 

I’m jealous of all my Argentines in Buenos Aires. On April 21, head over to Hollywood in Cambodia for a one-night display of Michael De Feo’s work. Definitely worth the trip! 

In Worcester, England, an anonymous street artist created his or her own wall inscribed with doodles, drawings, and declarations. 

In the near future, L.A. muralist Kent Twitchell may be coming to a city near you. He speaks about his early days and discusses his future career plans. 

Citizens of Fall River, Mass., are unsure of what to make of the town’s recent street art sightings. 

Miami artist Roman Alvarez predicts a promising future for graffiti and street art in a Miami Herald interview. 

Finally, I'm really digging on Danish artist Bobsmade's designs. Give her a shoe, a set of headphones, or a tee and she'll cover it in her sweet and spicy critters. For more info, check out her MySpace page.


I should probably get packing, but I think I'll do that tomorrow. 

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