Monday, April 6, 2009

In The Headlines

A complete change of plans this weekend led to some unexpected finds. I spent some time in Willimantic photographing a new batch of Ektin stickers. Digging through my junk drawer, I found a zipper that perfectly matched a dress in need of mending. And, most surprising of all, I found this sticker up the street from me. While I've seen plenty of "Stop Bush" stencils floating around, this is my first Obama-related sighting. Are these stickers in anyone else's neighborhood? Do you know who put this one up? I'm curious to see how long it lasts; Bush supporters were quick to scrub out stencils, but stickers are a completely different removal nightmare. In other news? The headlines.

More news on Shepard Fairey vs. the AP, complete with 50% more legal jargon. 

While I’m a tad late with this one, Joshua Allen Harris makes a mean trash bag monster. 

Street artist Aymeric Hamon visits Nepal and imparts his stencil knowledge on the locals. 

An interview with Portland, Ore., artist Klutch promotes his solo show, Invasive Species. 

Catch the drawings of street artist and illustrator Hush at San Francisco’s FIFTY24SF Gallery.

Thailand’s national PR department sent out a press release about a Phuket gallery opening featuring street artists D.E.A. and T.G. 

After Igor P. criticized the bland Russian street art scene, curator Yevgeny Orlov created Karelfest, an exhibition dedicated to the quirky and unusual. The collection of Russian and Finnish art is on display at the Museum of Non-Conformist Art in St. Petersburg  from April 11 to May 17. 

I prefer a sombrero-wearing skull over a Scion ad any day. L.A. street artist Mr. Cartoon discusses his style and the West Coast scene. 

M-City's City Up exhibition runs until May 6th at Baraka Street in Cracow, Poland. 

Denver’s Lady Fancywork Society comes clean about their cuddly crocheted street pieces. Have they spoken to Knitta about this? 

Introducing: Wii Spray? Now you can tag without ever leaving your house? Hm. Does it come with virtual cops, dogs, and razor wire, too? 

And finally, an anonymous Irish artist who paints pantless Taoiseachs held his own gallery opening in the National Gallery. However, the exhibit only lasted a few hours before authorities removed the pieces. Did anyone catch it? 

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