Tuesday, March 31, 2009

2008 and Summer 2007: Moscow and NYC with Loco Fox Army

No cutesy comments from me today. We're skipping the appetizer and heading straight to the main course. Hailing from Moscow, Russia, Loco Fox Army has a lot to say. He writes:

"My name is Loco Fox Army (I also write FearTheRipper). I’m from Moscow, Russia. I got obsessed with illegal graffiti since I first saw a Dirty Hands video in my childhood. For me, writing on illegal walls was and still is a serious source of adrenaline and also the way to get into a duel with the system and win. I’ve never been too interested in writing fonts. What really inspired me the most were characters. I tried to invent a cool character – simple as possible but original, stylish, and vivid. I wanted a character that could be painted around as throw-ups but that also could give me an opportunity for more complex pieces. And, last but not least, I needed a character that could express my own opinions and ideas. So Loco Fox was born."   
"I started writing Loco around 2005-2006, pasting stickers but mostly doing throw-ups. For me, throw-ups are the essence of illegal writing. To stay up, you have to do a lot of them in risky places, be quick, make’em look good, and be ready to come back and repeat because the city buffs everything in a moment. I’m pretty far from thinking about myself as “graffiti writer”, “artist” or any other cool names people like to call themselves. I’m the guy who draws Fox everywhere he goes and tries not to get caught." 
"From an early age, I was deeply involved in DIY hardcore/punk movement, anti-fascist action, and skinhead culture. (I do hope that the readers know that despite the ugly mass-media propaganda, real skinhead culture is strictly anti-racist and actually is a product of black and white unity, based on working class ethics and black music, such as ska and reggae). It’s a well known fact that today Russia has a serious problem with neo-Nazi movement, which is backed up by the authorities. Living in Russia, you can get crippled or killed just for the “wrong” accent or skin color. Neo-Nazi thugs often attack punk rock shows, because they see them as a threat to their sick propaganda. There is a real war going on in the Russian streets today, while the government and puppet mass media do its best to hide the facts." 

"That’s why Loco Fox Army always tries to express strong anti-fascist, anti-authority message and Loco Fox himself often appears as an anti-fascist skinhead. My friend sand I are also involved in a movement called G.W.A.R.P. – Graffiti Writers Against Racial Prejudice." 

"Loco Fox Army tries to support anti-fascist movement and DIY culture by any possible means. For example, in 2006 I was asked to create a cover for an international punk/hardcore compilation called Planet Of Friends. The compilation was a benefit for Alem Assefa, a guy who was beaten into a coma by Neo-Nazis for being black. All the proceeds from the record went to support him and his family. In the summer of 2008, Loco Fox Army created a logo and a flyer design for Courage Fest, the first big open-air anti-fascist hardcore festival in Moscow."  

"Loco Fox Soldiers can be seen not only in Russia and the former Soviet Union. In the summer of 2007, I made a short trip to New York where I tried to hit everything I could reach. My friends from Big Apple say that some of the Loco Fox Soldiers are still up. A short video about this tour can be seen here."  

"My plans for the near future? I'll continue supporting my culture and spitting in the faces of fascist authority. Ultimately, I'll go on a world tour." 

All photos courtesy of Loco Fox Army. For more information, check his MySpace or his new website.

Thanks so much, Loco! And to all my Russian readers, благодарю вас за вашу поддержку! Tomorrow's post is guaranteed to blow your mind, so get ready. (Hint: check your calendars).

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