Monday, March 23, 2009

In The Headlines

Nothing recharges my batteries like getting out of here. Last weekend, I hit up Boston, but this weekend was all about my first love, New York. Things that blew my mind: almond milk, sipping 40s by the water while filming Vic’s project, Holga camera photos, Two Boots pizza, Cut Copy with Matt and Kim, ridiculous after parties with hilarious people watching and photograph opportunities, meeting up with my favorite Canadian and her #1 Swede. Amazing! While I try to readjust to another monotonous work week, keep the weekend alive with the headlines.


Bringing her work indoors, South African graffiti artist Motel7 displays her work in Cape Town’s 34 Long Street Gallery. 

New York’s RAW Gallery presents a collection of work from hometown favorite TMNK. 

Columnist Tom Dyckhoff is skeptical of Brit Insurance Design of the Year winner Shepard Fairey. 

Here’s a beautiful collection of street art photos from São Paolo. Rob, please post some more! 

Who’s hacking these signs? A Poster Boy protégé with a nerdy tech streak? 

San Franciscoist ponders the merits of punishing graff with jail time. 

Chicago’s Guardian Angels physically fight graffiti at all costs. 

Last week in Brooklyn, graffiti artists and cops discussed their conflicting viewpoints.

That's all for today. Check back tomorrow for our first post of the week...I'm still mulling over which city it's going to feature, but I'll make it good. Thanks!

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