Monday, March 9, 2009

In the Headlines

What a gorgeous weekend! Any two day stretch filled with great weather, delicious food, running outdoors, and plenty of street art hunting is great with me. I’m including a photo sent to me by my friend Jess in Washington, D.C. While exploring the district, she found this stencil and was kind enough to send it to me. Thanks, Jess! Steph, I’m working on yours…I just have to figure out how to get it off my phone! Now on to today’s news. 

Tagging soon in an over-55 community near you: graffiti legend Chico is leaving New York City for…Florida? 

Toronto blogger Alana Armstrong wonders if rumors of a Graffiti Art Museum are actually a hoax. What’s the deal, Ron English? (Check out Hollywood in Cambodia in Buenos Aires for a taste of the real deal). 

Honolulu’s Star Bulletin features a piece on thirtyninehotel, a versatile gallery currently exhibiting work by street artist Aaron Noble. 

The Royal West of England Academy will open its doors (and its walls) to street artists from around the globe for its six-week Crimes of Passion exhibition. 

The debate between street art vs. tagging heats up in a California community. 

An enigmatic artist knits colorful cozies for concrete pillars in Bay City, Michigan. Anyone want to step forward and claim them? 

While he continues to bomb, German artist Stefan Strumble’s colorful cuckoo clocks are getting international attention.   

Photographer Henry Chalfont travels to Mexico City and speaks to members of Grafitiarte, a group working to beautiful working-class neighborhoods.   

“Modern Vanities,” Mimi the Clown's latest show, runs from March 11 through April 25 at Paris’s Studio55.   

And, of all places, street art graces the pages of The New York Times, featuring a piece on mural artists transitioning to galleries in San Francisco. 
Finally, I was in Middletown over the weekend and happened upon this electric purple stencil. Is it a giraffe skeleton? What’s going on here? And who’s throwing these up? I know the city’s police chief paints over stuff immediately, but I snapped a shot and am curious to know more! Shoot me a note at and enlighten me. 

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