Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 2009: Santiago with KELP

Once I learn Spanish, I'm going to Chile. With my French background, I'm useless in a Spanish-speaking country. When I went to Barcelona, I was so embarrassed that I preferred miming everything to speaking English. I am jealous of my Spanish-speaking friends who study abroad in places like Argentina and Guatemala. South American countries have always intrigued me, and Chile is definitely at the top of my list. Today's post comes all the way from Santiago. Chilean artist KELP shares his work and a few words with us. He writes:

" is shorthand for: culture of the wall. Strictly speaking, it is the portal that shows how the words ‘graffiti’ 

and ‘design’ come together. By mixing graffiti and design, KELP illustrates new opportunities and innovative products and services." 

"With a presence in over 15 countries and a desire to explore, promotes the work of plastic art and graffiti from the disciplinary perspective of design."  "This perspective allows us to focus mainly on the innovative and transgression of the best examples from sources that are found in Latin America, Europe and the USA.""This is your portal, so you can build learn, explore, and enjoy innovation in the world where graffiti meets design. To painting!"

For more information visit, 

Gracias, Kelp! I like your old-school piece style mixed with bold colors and fresh graphics. Y a todos mis lectores de habla hispana, gracias por su apoyo; se lo agradezco mucho!  Tomorrow's post takes us to one my favorite islands in the Pacific. Get ready!


  1. Chile's a rad place Megs! I'm looking at getting back there end of the year/jan. come along and learn some spanish haha!! actually you'd never leave valpo I reckon! hope alls good brah!

  2. Thanks, Scrim! I'd definitely love to go! With your translating skills, I'll be all set. Hope the job and OZ are treating you well!