Wednesday, March 11, 2009

February 2009: Biafra Inc. in Wisconsin and Beyond

Today, I want to apologize. Yesterday, I left an entire word out of a post. While readers could decipher the meaning behind the sentence, I’m not okay with this. Lately, I’ve been an intern, a publicist, and an editor for this blog. I think I temporarily forgot what I’m really trying to do. In the midst of recruiting artists and responding to e-mails, I forgot how to write! So to all my readers out there expecting something better, I’m sorry. I appreciate the comments letting me know what’s up and what needs to improve. In the future, I’ll stay on top of my work as long as you keep reading and spreading the word. Deal? Okay then! Time for the post. Today’s words and images come from Biafra Inc. in Wisconsin’s 920. He writes: 

“My whole artistic goal is to get people involved and into it.  I primarily use stickers to accomplish this mission. They’re fast and easy and they allow people to interact with them.”   “I’ve been told I have a distinct style, but I’m not really sure what it would be. I do a lot of big stickers and I use a lot of colour, but I’m not entirely sure if you’d call that a style. My work is more spontaneous and on the spot than anything. I just do what I can with what I have at the moment.” “I love street art, because it’s free art for people. There’s no admission cost, there aren’t any lines, and it’s a little treat in a rather dull urban environment.  I also really like the community. Everyone’s pushing the envelope and coming up with new stuff so it’s really inspiring.” “I do street art, because I love it. It’s also become sort of an addiction which might be bad, but whatever. I just like the feeling of putting stuff up. It’s hard to explain, I guess.”
No need to explain, Biafra! I get it. Thanks so much for sending your stuff. If you're in WI or the greater Wisconsin area, be sure to search around for these stickers. To cap off Wednesday's post, check this out. New York graffiti artist Earsnot expounds on tags, politics, and bedwetting? Be prepared for a little graphic drug use, gratuitous nudity, and a whole lot of musing on getting up. (Thanks to my sister Victoria for sending this clip my way!)  

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