Thursday, March 5, 2009

February 2009: Willimantic

Two weeks ago, I took advantage of my day off and went for a hunt in Willimantic, CT. Prior to my adventure, I’d only seen The Figurehead Experiment in real life (check out the Hebron post back in February). Fortunately, Main Street did not disappoint and I added three new artists to my collection. Readers, meet Noxin, Ektin, and another unidentified writer. 
First, there’s Figurehead. This guy’s face is everywhere: staring down from one-way signs, checking you out at the crosswalk, even driving the local bus. Spanning across Connecticut and around the globe, the experiment is spreading worldwide.  
Then we’ve got Noxin. Made of equal parts Nixon and shifty CEOs, Noxin’s character is open to modification. Explore his Myspace for photos and updates. I am loving Ektin right now. Maybe it’s because he sent me stickers and I got to hold these creepy critters in my hands. Whatever the reason, I was delighted to find his stickers peering out from behind traffic signs, lurking on drainpipes, and grinning mischievously on mailboxes. There’s so much personality packed into this USPS sticker!

Finally, who makes this robot? He’s keeping Ektin’s critters under control and making sure people recycle, but who created him? If you’re out there reading this, hit me up and let me know who you are!

Thanks to all these artists for spicing up Main Street. An unexpected snowstorm cut my trip short, but I hope to collect more shots soon.

Also, hit up Figurehead on Myspace to snag a button.

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