Tuesday, March 3, 2009

February 2009: Cebu with koloWn

I love Google Analytics because it shows me how many people are reading worldwide. Recently, I’ve discovered that there’s a growing readership in the Philippines! To all my Filipino readers, helo at pasalamatan ka dahil sa pagbasa!  (I may have butchered that but my computer doesn’t allow the proper Tagalong script. I’ll work on that!) Today’s post comes from koloWn in Cebu. From quirky plant instillations to controversial political statements, his works decorate public spaces and spark debates amongst viewers. Here’s what he has to say:

“All these works are in Cebu! I am into post-graffiti! I love to use a variety of techniques, from stenciling to freehand illustration to installation (like plants that I planted in posts).” 

“I love to put meanings on my work but it’s up to the spectator to interpret it! I like to touch a little bit on politics.” 

“Some of my works have political content like the Obama stickers that I made when most of the street artists were campaigning for Obama!” 

“I don’t know yet but I think I am one of those or the only street artist who criticizes him and the concept of supporting authority!” 

Pretty radical stuff there. Anyone agree? Disagree? Leave you thoughts in the comments section.

Finally, be sure to check out our newest link under “Primary Sources.” Hooked is a UK street art blog that’s definitely worth a look. 


  1. yeah koloWn..hardcore!

  2. Yeah; you're really really really cool. i wish i was as cool as you!!

  3. try harder dick head.