Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March 2009: Hawaii with Mr. Noface

Hanging out in the Pacific, Hawaii is the youngest state in the union. Separated from the mainland, Hawaiian society existed long before European explorers set foot in the New World. With their own religion, social hierarchy, and government, Hawaiians disliked the idea of American annexation and fought to keep their independence. Today, Hawaii remains glorified by mainlanders, viewed as a tropical oasis instead of just another state. In spite of his peaceful surroundings, Mr. Noface has a message for Washington, D.C., and anyone else who will listen. He writes:
“The objective of my art is to show the government’s real side, to make fun of it, and to tell the truth about the people hiding behind desks calling the shots.” 
“My style resembles propaganda. I love telling the truth or showing some government official being bad or funny. I love making people laugh.”
“There are only two reasons why I do this art. First and foremost, I do it to show the truth about the government and the police. Secondly, I love the rush I get from putting up art and getting away with it. No one knows who I am! It’s just a big thing of mine to stay underground but to still be up there.” 
“I picked the black and white gas mask theme because I think seeing an image of a gas mask just looking over a freeway wall makes people stop and think. What would you do if you saw a big poster of a gasmask just overlooking a main road? Wouldn’t you stop and look?”  

Thanks, Noface! Keep repping Hawaii and spreading your message.

In other news, YZ sent me this awesome link of her latest project. This film is comprised of thirty-something posters pasted all around Paris. She writes:

"Miriam Makeba, singer and anti-apartheid activist, widely known as 'Mama Africa,' was exiled from her home of South Africa for her revolutionary words and songs, but was widely respected for speaking - and singing - the truth about racism."

Also, Michael De Feo, the hardest working man in street art, has yet another show opening. Toronto's Angell Gallery presents Works on Paper, a collection featuring work by De Feo and other artists such as  Kim Dorland, Brendan Flanagan, and Jeremy Chance. Catch the opening reception on Saturday, April 4, from 12 pm to 5 pm. If you can't make it, just stop by before it closes on April 25. 

Thanks and I'll see you tomorrow!

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