Monday, March 16, 2009

In The Headlines

I went on a much-needed mission this weekend. Hebron, I (may) love you, but you're bringing me down. Eager to get out of this sleepy town, I took the bus to Boston and spent the weekend with friends hunting for JFK's birthplace, ear gauges, and Turkish nazar bracelets. We munched on amazing pizza, lay on the porch sipping iced coffee, and drove to a park after dark while listening to our favorite songs at full volume. While I am still antsy, the trip was a step in the right direction. Here are the headlines; I'm going to make some pancakes. Enjoy!

Ads parodying Governor Patterson’s ‘Keep It Going’ campaign appeared in New York City subway stations.

Yoshitomo Nara likes jail? If he doesn’t keep his record clean for a year, he may change his mind.

Blogger Keegan Hamilton comments on Nara’s arrest and questions the artist’s pleasant jail experience.

Shepard Fairey faces 31 new charges in court this week.

The New York Times discusses the definition of street art and whether Shep is an artist or a criminal.

Unlike Michael Phelps, the allegations against Fairey haven’t weakened his corporate partnerships. 

Berlin’s artSPACE gallery presents “Bigwood,” a showcase of street artists, graphic designers, and illustrators from Durban, South Africa.

Californian art collective Cat Cult exhibit their prints at California’s Riverside Art Museum.

Minneapolis artist Deuce Seven returns to where it all began. Catch his homecoming show at the Soo VAC through April 12.

San Franciscans critiques the works of muralists Kerry James Marshall and Mona Caron.

Blek le Rat answers questions for blogger Qi Peng in Salt Lake City.

I may be off to a slow pre-coffee start this morning, but the blog lineup for the week is pretty intense. Ukraine, Chile, and New Zealand are all ready to represent! Hope the weather is mild and springy where you are so enjoy the day!

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