Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday ProFiles: Siloette

Siloette’s pieces may be riddled with female faces, but these ladies are anything but prissy. One fierce female keeps watch over her neighborhood in the Bronx. On a building in Minneapolis, Minn., a daydreamer gazes into the distance. The elfin gypsy in Phoenix, Ariz., surveys the scene before taking flight. In Melbourne, Australia, this tough cookie doesn’t mince words; her eyes ask, “What are you looking at?” Strong and beautiful, Siloette’s women are as rugged as her concrete canvases.

But don’t pigeonhole her as a token representative; she abhors the idea of representing all women through her work. “Each person is different and each artist should think as an individual. I’m not interested in being typecast as a mascot for an entire body of work, let alone being branded by my gender, race, or style. I want to paint well. I hope to grow as much as possible as a person and as an artist. I hope I never have to ‘promote’ anything.” In 1996, Siloette passed by a storefront with 'silhouette' scrawled in decorative writing. “I loved the idea behind the meaning and the fact that it could be shortened so easily,” she recalls. “I decided to stick with it.” With a name and a can of spray paint, Siloette fearlessly took to the streets. “There were a lot of risky moves and crazy adventures that I jumped into early on. I think the fears came about later as I grew up and became aware of my own mortality.” Inspired by Art Nouveau and Art Deco, her bold use of color mixed with soft lines and intricate patterns created an unmistakable style. While she doesn’t define herself by her gender, she does admit that it comes into play on the streets. “There have been moments where my gender was a serious advantage,” she explains. “At other times, it hindered my ability to get up or handle a sticky situation. It’s not smart to go out on your own when you’re a female, especially when you’re in an unfamiliar city. That’s why it’s so important to communicate amongst your friends and crew. Create those lifelines and learn as you go.” Today, Siloette’s building her portfolio indoors. Taking a break from walls and traveling, she’s choosing to focus on fine art. Currently, she works as a freelance graphic designer and fine artist in San Francisco. By collaborating with Adidas, Converse, and custom snowboard companies, Siloette hopes to take her work off the wall through a variety of outlets. “I wrapped myself so tight in being on the move that I would like to sharpen a few things at this point in my life,” she adds. “I’d like to do way more sketching and work on improving my subject matter. I want to broaden my horizons for sure.”

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That’s all for now! I’m going to spend my weekend translating a post from Jura Maurader in Kiev. Time to flex those Google Translating skills! Thanks to everyone who’s contributed this week; it’s people like you who keep this blog going! Have a great weekend and check in on Monday for the news.  

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