Monday, March 30, 2009

In The Headlines

Before the headlines, it's time for a little show and tell. A small scale "What Did You Do Over Summer Vacation," if you will. This past weekend was filled with walks, art, and stale cupcakes. I returned to Old Wheats to visit, but the seniors were engrossed in work and there weren't many social activities going on. Therefore, Adam and I holed up in his art studio where he attacked his senior project and I messed around with my skateboards for five hours. The result? My Turkish board! Taking a traditional Turkish tile pattern, I modified it slightly and covered my board with marker. Definitely an awesome time! (Sorry about the poor photo quality; this is what happens when you shoot at 7 am in your kitchen while making eggs).

But you didn't come here to see my doodles. You're here for the news! I understand completely. No more procrastination; here's the real deal.

The LA Times reviews Shepard Fairey's showcase at the ICA. Little behind the power curve, guys.

High school kids from Washington created street installations that seem a little too real.

Checking in from San Francisco, here's yet another contribution to the street art vs. vandalism debate.

Thanks to Remi for sending this one in. He and eleven other artists customized Gibson guitars for a charity auction benefitting Brazilian children. For more info, check out the website for Force of the Street.

On, Chicago checks in with photos from its Berywyn Red Line stop.

While K-Guy's mattresses are long gone, check out his website and the Tate Modern's map of Madrid-based artists. (Hint: Mo, this is totally what we're doing when I visit).

Toronto councilmen, street artists, and curators gather to discuss street art at the Royal Ontario Museum.

Chaka, one of LA's most infamous taggers, crawls out of the woodwork this month to display his newest a gallery?

A New Jersey artist comes clean about plastering Jesus on a Lunt's Corner wall.

This reminds me of when my cousin saw Jeff Koons's work at Versailles. Le Grand Palais in Paris currently houses photos of graffiti from around the world. The exhibit closes on April 26, so catch it while you can.

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