Monday, June 1, 2009

In The Headlines

Nothing makes a weekend like good friends, great food, and a roof deck. Thank you, Jess, for throwing yourself an epic birthday party and for being born in a month with such lovely weather. At some point, we're also going to hear from The Figurehead Experiment about how their Sticker Expo went on Saturday night. Excellent! I'm going to guzzle some iced coffee, but you should read the headlines.

If you need yet another Shepard Fairey fix, head up to Boston for the ICA’s Bike Tour. 

Edina Tokodi a.k.a. Mosstika greens up Philly with her unique street medium of choice: moss. 

In El Paso, Tex., local street artists took over an abandoned grain silo for the show “Pieced Together”. 

Eine speaks candidly about his multiple arrests and fines attributed to painting in the street.

Greg Beato discusses Juxtapoz Magazine and the “lowbrow art revolution.” 

Thanks to Banksy’s popularity, Scottish artist Elph transitioned from painting in the streets to having a solo show at Aberfeldy’s Watermill Gallery. 

What’s the best city for viewing street art? 

Catch a segment featuring Boston-based street artist Bren Bataclan, the creator of The Smile Project, on the CBS Evening News. 

This summer, the Scottish National Portrait Gallery will get a face-lift from street artists during the Edinburgh Art Festival. 

What’s the difference between a mural and graffiti? 

Argentine graffiti artists discuss the country’s scene and the reaction of the public to street art. 

In Seoul, Platoon Kunsthalle provides a great new space for the creative arts, including street artists. 

Aaron Goodstone, a.k.a. Sharp, takes an unusual approach to graffiti, pairing old-school painting style with Baroque frames. 

Michael De Feo was in Buenos Aires last month. Check out his photos here. 

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