Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 2009: Liliwenn in Bristol

I love summer for a variety of reasons: block parties, outdoor concerts, and plenty of street art festivals. From Istanbul to Bristol, the streets get jam-packed with spray paint, wheatpaste, and stickers. French street artist Liliwenn recently participated in Bristol's Upfest. One little piece landed her a lot of press. She writes:

“Inspired by the Southampton SuperCans event, the Upfest was born in 2008 soon after Banksy's Cans Festival. The event brings together an eclectic mix of local, national, and international artist in support of a locally run charity with national coverage. You can expect a real mix of graffiti, stencil, mixed media and contemporary oils from a group of over 150 established artists producing 'live' art.”
“The first Upfest was such an across-the-boards success the organisers wanted to go all out to make this year’s event even bigger and better. Sometimes, the event partners with charities for a good cause. This year, Upfest supported the National Association of Children of Alcoholics. 2008 drew nearly 50 artists to the Tobacco Factory, but this year attracted over 150 artists, including many North American and European imports. Hosted by a range of venues all over Bristol, the event was the largest live urban art festival in the UK. There was a staggering amount of art taking place: beatboxing, exploding paint installations, hip/hop dancing, graffiti stalls, kids areas, and DJs. On top of all these activities, live painting took place everywhere you looked.”
“I received an invitation from an English artist and accepted it with pleasure. Painting in other countries is a good experience, so I took a flight and came over Bristol during this wicked weekend of art. Usually, I work freehand, my goal being to mix different techniques with my own style. This time, I decided to make my first stencil there. I called this painting "The Shout". It was very risky because it's a new technique for me. However, the feedback from the public was great. I received some commissions and "The Shout" was published online at Juxtapose Magazine and Stencil History X. I really enjoyed sharing my art with so many people.”
“In August, I will come over London to paint. Today, I'm working in France on new paintings with a new topic. Maybe I’ll have an exhibition and a publication in Plateform Magazine. I'm working on different projects. I have some commissions from music artists from the US to create some design for them. I’m also involved with the Mind Painters Project. Along with Wax Tailor Crew singer Mattic, we’re making a book full of words, pictures, and maybe music! I'm working on his solo album, too. My other crew, "LeS LiOnNeS eN CaGe,” is performing at different concerts & festivals to mix different forms of arts.”

“I have a lot of projects and a lot of ideas. I’m filled with he obsession to paint again and again. When I have time, I love to put colours in the street!”

Thanks, Liliwenn! You can see more of her work on her Facebook page or MySpace.

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