Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June 2009: Hans Around The World

Any e-mail is a good e-mail in my book (well, except the spam variety). Hearing from artists is fabulous, but I especially love hearing from street art appreciators. There’s something so rewarding about finding other people that like snapping photos of street art as much as I do. Today, we’ll hear from Londoner Hans Zinsli as he shares pieces of his collection with us. He writes:
“I've always loved photography but have only relatively recently started taking photos of street art - probably for about 1 & 1/2 years or so. I started in the UK, but I'll visit Australia to suss out the scene in a few weeks time.”
“All of my photos (street art, travel shots, sporting shots etc) are on my Flickr account. I've also framed several for myself, family, and friends. I've had numerous photos used in online magazines and websites, and would like to one day open up my own gallery.”
“I like the edginess of street art: how a lot of it's done under the cover of darkness, the anonymity of the artists, how it's viewed by many as vandalism, and how you really do begin to take notice of it when you keep your eye out for it. (The Space Invaders mosaics around London are a prime example of this last point)."
“To date, the majority of my street art photography has been in London, with some in Germany, Estonia and Italy. I've travelled through 51 countries in the last 6 years and thus have several thousand travel shots - landscapes, architecture, people, sporting events, etc.”
“I'm planning to travel through southeast Asia next and also through more of Australia in the future.”

Thanks so much, Hans! I'd love to see what you find in Australia. Enjoy the trip!

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