Monday, June 29, 2009

In The Headlines

After 5 hours on a bus and getting claustrophobic in the Lincoln Tunnel, I'm back in NYC. My visit to DC pleasantly surprised me. I liked the city much more than I expected to. Seeing Andy, John, Jess, and Tim was awesome and I even found some street art despite the city's pristine appearance. Now it's time for a run and some headlines.

This photo is the latest Mina creation (we spoke to her in Serbia last week).

Metallic Greek gods, reptiles, and phone booth memorials have popped up around New Orleans lately.

Mixing rococo style and rap icons, Kehinde Wiley gives hip-hop a new face.

Thai street artist Bundit Puangthong finds artistic success in Australia.

San Francisco may set aside more public spaces for urban artists.

The exhibit “Graffiti au 104” runs until August 24 at Paris’s 104 Gallery.

Pre-order a copy of Remi Rough’s new book, Lost Colours and Alibis. The text contains a forward by Mare139 (who we interviewed for the Friday ProFile!)

Street art makes the ‘must-see’ list of things to do in La Boca, Argentina.

Examiner contributors debate street art and the use of civic space.

The Irish Times discusses the Irish scene and the country’s particular brand of ‘artivism.’

Arkansas’s police are a bit confused by local taggers. I’m surprised that there ARE taggers in Arkansas.

“Versus 2009” is on display at Rome’s Mondo Pop Gallery Shop until July 31st. The show features work by Stick My World founder Omino71 and other Italian greats.

Project Detonate and Betso show off their latest works at “Chaos Amongst Allies.” The show opens on July 11 at Pink Ghost Gallery in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

"Tales from the Seaside," also opens on July 11 at Brighton's Prescription Art. The show features work by Chu, Pinky, and our old friend Seize.

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