Monday, June 8, 2009

In The Headlines

Last week was pretty wild and crazy. I had to miss work to put stuff in order, but I'm finally moving to NYC. Woo hoo! Drop me a line after June 19th if you're in the area and want to hang out. Even though the week was crazy, I still made time to compile some news for you. Take a look:

This past weekend, Carlos Cruz-Diez took over a Houston sidewalk

PitchEngine reviews the aptly-titled Street Art. 

This is a whole new kind of hood ornament. A group of New York graffiti writers used Porsche hoods as canvases for their work. The five unique pieces will be auctioned off; the proceeds benefit NYC charity CITYarts. 

Chicago artist Revise receives mixed criticism of his graffiti writing classes. 

AsiaOne tips its hat to Melbourne’s street art scene and encourages tourists to explore it on foot. 

In Sutton, England, street artist Nathan Bainbridge guided local kids through the mural-making process to create a piece for the town center. 

The Urban Angel Gallery has heaps of new pieces on sale at its website. 

Russell Maurice’s “Given Up The Ghost” opens this week at London’s Stolen Space gallery. 

Remi Rough also has his solo exhibition opening in London this week. 

Michael De Feo’s keeping busy; this month, he’s involved in two shows. Catch his prints in New York in “From a Factory Floor.” Or, if you’re in France, take a look at his pieces in “400 mL,” a show dedicated to spray can culture. 

Paella will be all around Paris this month. Need details? Check the web

Inkfetish is gearing up for Art Clash, an art battle happening in Zurich this summer.

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