Monday, June 22, 2009

In The Headlines

I’m finally in NYC taking deep city breaths. While the weather is less than stellar, I’m still going 100 miles a minute trying to see and do everything at once. After this past year, I have a lot of catching up to do!

Remi Rough made this film with his Agents of Change collective. If you’re in London, make sure to stop by Urban Angel Gallery for his latest show, “Lost Colours and Alibis.”

Hobo One from Agents Of Change on Vimeo.

NC State student Joseph Carnevale’s traffic barrel sculptures landed him in hot water, but the media coverage also made him a household name. (The construction company might even commission him to recreate his infamous monster).

Be sure to catch “Whole In The Wall” at NYC’s Helenbeck Gallery before it closes June 27. The exhibit features works by the biggest names in American and European street art.

In Istanbul, street artists converted an old office building into paint space for “Morphosis.” The exhibit runs through July 13.

I wonder if an ad on a milk carton could help find Osama bin Laden more quickly. Thanks, San Francisco!

The Progressive catches up with Shepard Fairey and dubs him a “citizen artist.”

People queued up around the block and back for Banksy’s new show at the Bristol City Museum.

Indianapolis is abuzz with the discovery of several new anonymous pieces across the city.

Malaysian artist Mahathir Masri discusses the role of street art in his country’s society.

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