Wednesday, July 1, 2009

June 2009: KDK12 in Brighton

Whenever I think of Brighton, I think of a mix tape my cousin made me. When I was a dorky 13 year-old kid, my older cousin was kind enough to share his musical taste with me. At the time, I was listening to a lot of BBC radio streamed live through my 56k modem. During a family gathering, he presented me with a mixtape (that's right, a real cassette tape, folks.) Filled with all sorts of goodies, the tape contained Fatboy Slim's "You're Not From Brighton." This track prompted my subsequent interest in Anglo culture and the country's art scene. Thanks, Gavin!

Today, we'll hear from a street artist who really is from Brighton. While he doesn't like to talk about himself, KDK12 took a second to share photos and thoughts with us. He writes:

"Hi, Meg! Not a huge fan of the bio on my site. Here are some other words about me."

"Currently, I'm located in Brighton, but I have bases in Manchester and London."
"After a year's study, I'm currently trying to go cold turkey from Deal or No Deal whilst simultaneously striving to create THE perfect cup of tea."
"Now that the oppressive and stifling reign of education is over, expect stickers, posters and pasteups to be smashed around Brighton and beyond soon. Keep your eyes peeled!"
"Much love to y'all. Thanks again!--KDK12"

Thanks, KDK12! For more info, be sure to
check his site for updates.

P.S. I must wish my friend Pam a happy birthday today. A while ago, she was sweet enough to pick me up a book about street art. Thanks for thinking of me, m'dear!

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