Monday, July 13, 2009

In The Headlines

What a ridiculous weekend. Between Whitney's timely arrival, visiting Os Gêmeos for two-hour time blocks, waving to Martha Cooper, meeting some fellow street art junkies (hi, Bob and Mike!) and saying hi to Michael De Feo and Ellis G., I feel like my head is going to explode. So much awesome activity in one weekend! I'll make sure to upload photos and some (albeit crappy) video of the twins painting tomorrow. Right now, get caught up on what's going on in the street art world.
Here’s some new stuff from Remi Rough; these are from his “Demise” series. He’ll take part in Urban Angel’s “The Show Must Go On” opening on July 16th.

Shep Fairey can’t even carry a Sharpie in Boston anymore. After pleading guilty to vandalism charges, he’s prohibited from carrying “graffiti tools” anywhere in Suffolk County.

L.A beats Berlin in the Reuter’s list of top ten cities to see street art? Really?

In Forth Worth, Tex., high school art students replaced gang tags with a colorful mural.

London’s Power Station Gallery welcomes Inkie and David Walker for their joint show. For more info, check out Babylon Academy.

Police invited teens to paint walls in London over the weekend?

New York’s Perry Rubenstein Gallery now represents Faile Collective. Congrats!

The New York Times Style Magazine editor Stefano Tonchi reviews “Born in the Streets: Graffiti” at the Cartier Foundation in Paris. The show includes Evan Roth's "Graffiti Taxonomy."

ESPO returned home to Philly and wrote love notes to his city.

Artnet presents a diverse collection of street art on its website, including old school jams by Keith Haring and Basquiat. If you want to pick up a piece, do it before July 23!

Brooklynite Gallery hopes you’ll check out the Summer Pop-Up Shop in Bed-Stuy.

My aunt just sent me Iz the Wiz’s Times obit in the mail, but here’s another one from The Miami Herald.

T*3 has heaps of new pieces on display on his website.

Curbs and Stoops chats up Dutch artist FAKE and shares photos of his latest work.

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