Monday, July 20, 2009

In The Headlines

Can't quite believe I survived this past weekend. I spent three days at Camp Bisco, a music festival in upstate New York. Unfortunately, it rained for a good chunk of the time. Camping in a field suddenly loses its luster when you're ankle deep in mud. Fortunately, the show continued and I saw some great stuff (Pretty Lights being my fave). When I returned, I found my inbox stuffed with news. Take a look!
Ash and other Sydney-based graffiti artists banded together to brighten up the city’s suburbs.

Shepard Fairey’s Boston street exploits may have landed him in hot water, but he helped put the ICA on the map.

Pieces by Skint, Paco, and others currently hang in Scotland’s National Portrait Gallery.

Berlin’s LC Art Gallery kicks it old school with works by Mode2, Czarnoble, and others.

Does graffiti still have a rebellious side or is it too trendy to care?

If you’re headed to Rome in the near future, here’s an idea of what to expect from the city’s street art scene.

Urban Angel has most of their summer show available online. Check their Flickr for all the details. You can also look at the first batch of prints by Best | Ever.

Armed with $500,000 of equipment, street teams are set to wipe out tags in Melbourne.

If you’re feeling crafty (and can churn out a design in 4 days), send in your best creation for Seattle’s new signal boxes.

Michael Krimper over at Pixel Vision lists his favorite spots to catch street art in San Francisco.

Can a bookstore owner, a muralist, and the former drummer of The Doors save the Los Angeles street art scene?

Zane Fischer questions why street art makes the majority of people uncomfortable.

GEC sent over this video of his “light graffiti” project from this past weekend.

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