Thursday, July 16, 2009

July 2009: Untho Around the World

In the past month or so, many more people have visited the site. We've had hits from Syria, South Korea, and even Iran. A few weeks ago, this note from Costa Rican artist Alessio, a.k.a. Untho, landed in my inbox. I love it when new people reach out to me! He writes:

“In '99, Alessio Schiavon created a word and icon to define his online art gallery and street project: UNTHO. In the beginning, the idea was based on the making of a web site able to contain his artworks. In all the paintings, the attention of Alessio is focused on the faces of the people living in the city. He uses cardboard and pieces of wood taken from the street to make his artworks.”
“Three years later, Alessio decided to share his thoughts with the people.” Instead of making artworks in his studio, he started to screen print posters and to paste them on the city walls. The idea was to spread a provocative message: Untho is never tired. Since that day, Untho’s posters and stickers have appeared all over the world.”
“Untho is made by the first and the last letter of Urban Trash Optimized. Urban represent the city. Trash represents the materials used by Alessio to create his works. Optimized refers to the images ready to be published in the web.”
“The Untho face comes from Alessio’s paintings. He made it without particular features, only straight and simple lines. His idea was to design an icon that everyone could identify himself with. The Untho position comes from the will to spread a message from the top, like a teacher at the desk.”
“Untho provokes those who suffer the city rhythms. Untho interferes in the occupation rules of the vision spaces. Untho proposes an aesthetic intervention for the liberty of expression in the public space. Provoke, interfere, and propose.”

Grazie, Allessio! For more photos and news, take a look at his web site.

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