Monday, July 6, 2009

In The Headlines

This weekend was pretty hectic. From birthday parties for my best friend Lynnese to Fourth of July celebrations at my grandmother’s house, I ran on 3 hours of sleep and lots of coffee for the past two days. The exhaustion was completely worth it, however, since many of my friends commuted into the city to visit. Thank you, my loves! In contrast, news in the street art world was pretty quiet this week. Check out the headlines and mark your calendars for upcoming events.

Scot Borofsky takes his Native American inspired art to the streets of Brattleboro, VT.

The best of Miami graffiti comes to LA’s Mid-City Arts on July 11.

Boston’s Shayna Yasuhara started Paint Pens in Purses to spruce up Allston storefronts.

Chris Stain’s keeping busy. He’s got an August show with Armsrock in Brooklyn and recently decorated 518 Prints in Albany.

Our friend Michael De Feo will participate in Brooklyn’s “Willoughby Waterfronts” on Friday from 2-7 pm. Head downtown and check out storefronts decorated by 15+ artists.

The King of Pop is everywhere: on the radio, in the news, and even on the streets.

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