Monday, July 27, 2009

In The Headlines + Party Time!

Crazy times this weekend. I missed Ellis G.'s opening party but I popped by today to snag some photos. At some point, I want to check out the photo exhibit at the New Museum. I'm brainstorming new ideas for sewing projects and I can't wait to pick up fabric. Plus, Victoria's home from Senegal! We had a reunion that involved brunch, 40s, and hilarious storytelling. (When Lynnese is involved, you know it's a good time.) Now it's time for a Monday update with all the latest news.

FIRST THINGS FIRST: I'm going back to CT, so we're having a party next Wednesday (August 5). If I've written about you, published your pieces, or piqued your interest with my posts, definitely stop by for a drink. I'll be at Art Bar from 7 p.m. onward. Connecting with people is what this blog is all about, guys! Hope to see you there.

Allan Hough explores Berlin’s street scene with a walk in the park. He also talks about signs he sees on the way to work.

Florence Waters isn’t a big fan of “Born in the Streets.”

People are freaking out over the Michael Jordan piece made entirely out of Gatorade bottles. I wonder what his favorite flavor is.

In California, Claremont’s TRACKS Activity Center presents pieces created by students in the after school activity program.

Bernadette Alibrandi conducts tours of Melbourne’s street art scene.

Perth’s art collective Ololo curated the Condor Tower Carpark Project. The show is the largest street art exhibition in the Southern Hemisphere.

If you haven’t seen the Willowby Windows Project yet, it’ll be on display in Brooklyn through November.

Mr. Read is bodying the streets of New Orleans with his fresh tags.

xxCrew’s new show runs through August 16 in Paterborn, Germany. Check their site for more info.

Omino wants you to check out his blog. If you can’t read Italian, pop it into Google Translate!

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