Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July 2009: Senyc Lies in New Jersey

I've driven through New Jersey many a time, but the only time I've ever spent there was at a rest stop. However, I'm always down for a good graffiti hunt. Senyc Lies is, too, apparently. A few weeks ago, I received a random e-mail filled with his photos. Apparently, they're pretty fresh paint. Here's what's happening in the Garden State's fourth largest city.

"Hi,Meg! Senyc again,I Got a few more shots for you!!! hope you like these as well as the last I sent you. All of these shots were taken in Elizabeth, New Jersey. This ended up being a two day project, but it was well worth the two days. I work on all of my pieces alone and paint with other people next to me while they do their thing. It is a fun thing to do do; I just free my mind and explore through the colors. That's how I see things when I'm painting. The idea for this piece was all freehand. There wasn't any sketch work or plans on how the letter structure were suppose to go together. The colors were a wild pick, but I wanted it to be very colorful and to pop out of the wall. The people in the neighborhood gave me a lot of great feed back on this particular piece. I was so ecstatic with all the remarks that I received. Right now, I'm working on a few logos on the computer. I'm also designing a few drawings for shirts and looking into legal walls so I can do greater and better pieces. If you know of any walls, let me know."
"This piece was painted in May 2009. My style kinda went with my mood that day. I felt very cartoony that day. I spent that Sunday off looking for a place to paint."
"This photo was taken in May 2009. I really enjoyed this freestyle piece. It was a nice sunny day. I used some of my scrap cans and tips on this piece."
"The last shots were taken around April 2009. The piece took about an hour, maybe less. It was a freestyle thing without sketches. I wanted the piece to map out in my mind."

"I will be sending you some more flicks.... I'm not done just yet! But enjoy these photos and please share your thoughts."

Thanks, Senyc! Does anyone know of any legal walls he can hit up? If so, shoot me a note or leave a comment.


  1. duuddde those colors r Awesome n how the lettering goes in tune!!!!

  2. No doubt, man! Glad you dig it.