Wednesday, July 8, 2009

May 2009: Klub 19 in Lodz, Poland

I featured The Figurehead Experiment in one of my first posts. I first spotted a Figurehead sticker on the town mailbox. After a bit of digging, I stumbled upon their MySpace page. Much to my surprise, I wasn't the only who knew about them. The Figurehead's global presence is pretty unbelievable. I love how this event coincidentally took place on the same night as the Figurehead Sticker Expo. Bogus a.k.a. Bondelux a.k.a. Be writes:

“Everything happened because I love street art. I work at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland, and I teach graphic design. What more can I say? The idea of FHeads is just great! I wanted to show how people from different parts of the world can share ideas and collaborate to make something really interesting. Watching the project evolve was just fantastic and participating in it was also awesome. It was so much fun! I told Klub XIX about it and they decided to join the party. The aim of the club is to support young artists; it’s a place where people can get a drink and have fun. My friends and I love it.”
“I printed the stickers myself. Some people just loved them and spent a lot of time sticking them all over. I planed to make the event bigger but the final result was only what I could do. For some people, its difficult to understand the concept and they ask me the questions. ‘Why do you promote the strange heads of some stranger who you don’t even know?’ I think these questions are hilarious.”
“We also gave out stickers at other events around Poland. The Fashion Week in Poland just finished. We played music there, shared stickers, and exhibited our clothes. My girlfriend is a fashion designer who recently graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, so the New Fashion Brand was her project.”
“Once, I had a similar idea of sharing different art projects with the other people. But The Figurehead Experiment is even better because everyone is invited. They just let the idea flow freely through the Internet and the galaxy. I found ‘the heads’ at DaFont or another font site. As a graphic designer, I like to know who designed the fonts that I like and use. That is how I traced the project. The other great thing about the project is that it’s non-profit. Everyone can participate in it for free and nowadays, that’s not so common. I hope that many people will pick up on the concept.”
“I also have to say thanks to one of my friends. He is an artist and he created the street art movement in Poland from the early 80's. He is quite well known in Poland and he created Wspolnota Leeezec ( Lyyying Community). Love, Be.”

Thanks so much, guys! What a great serendipitous event. Is anyone else planning a Figurehead party in the near future?

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