Thursday, September 10, 2009

August 2009: G_G in Budapest

When I graduated from college, my class scattered in all different directions. Some of us returned home while others packed up and moved to China, Costa Rica, and England. Esther, a synchronized swimmer and dancing machine, relocated to Hungary. Apparently, the girl speaks Hungarian like it's her job! I'd love to know if she saw any of G_G's work. This Budapest-based artist spray paints walls and leaves paintings out for the taking to make the city a more beautiful place. He writes:
"I started painting graffiti around '96 but I did not feel like it was for me. I stopped doing graffiti around '98-'99. After that, I started making things you could call 'street art' in 2000."
"I usually work on my own, but last year I started working with different people. It's a nice experience to watch other artists working on a collab piece. Obviously, sometimes it can be hard to paint together and we have arguments about what we should do. Most of the time, we work out a plan to satisfy everyone."
"I just make things because I want to make things. Style is just a side effect."
"My favorite place to paint is near where I live under a motorway called 'M0,' so I named it 'Mnulla gallery'. There are 8 huge pillars with perfect smooth surface. It's still illegal, but the place is so remote, nobody cares. I created a Flickr group to document the murals.""Some crazy things happen when you're painting in the streets. One time, I saw a UFO. Right now, Im preparing for an exibithion in september so Im stretching canvases. I also got invited to paint a mural at a bicycle festival in Budapest, so I have to start making bike related stencils."

Köszönöm, G_G! For more amazing photos, have a look at his Flickr account.

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