Monday, September 28, 2009

In The Headlines

These weekends keep getting crazier. My lightning-fast trip to NYC involved an impromptu limo ride (a closed mouth doesn't get fed, so never be afraid to commandeer one if it's not yours), delicious French toast, and an amazing performance by my friend Lynnese. Now it's back to work. I'm counting down until Saturday's Mural Slam. Anyone else going? I'll definitely be there even though I have to work in the morning. While I make breakfast, you can check out these headlines.
Me Camuntaterio and Chirrete stopped by Memoria Canella last night. Would love to hear the details, guys!

I already bought a copy on iTunes, but now you can watch Bombit! for free online here. Amazing! If you haven't seen it already, this is a "must-watch" event.

Iranian street art finally made it to Los Angeles this week.

Mark your calendars: "Graffiti Gone Global" hits Miami this December. Participants include Sofia Maldonado, Lady Pink, Vitché, Billi Kid, and more.

Is the do-it-yourself street art kit like a paint by number with spray cans?

Aakash Nihalani's show, "Tape and Mirrors," runs through October 25 at Brooklyn's Eastern District.

Omino71 chats with Spaghetti Collective on his blog.

Sweden's zero tolerance policy on graffiti forced artists to get creative. Out of these limitations, knitting collective Stickkontakt was born.

In Adelaide, artist Peter Drew's work contains environmentally friendly messages.

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