Wednesday, September 9, 2009

September 2009: Knitta at New York Fashion Week

Magda and her Knitta crew never fail to keep me posted. Whether they're answering questions for the Friday ProFile or shooting me updates about trips to Australia, they always keep me in the loop. This month, they're covering New York's Standard Hotel with a variety of yarn-based creations. The photos below are from the Standard's Hollywood location, but who knows what they'll knit up this time around. They write:
"Knitta Please and The Standard are pleased to present Knitta Please + The Standard, a knit graffiti installation in celebration of New York Fashion Week."
"The event takes place September 9-17, 2009 at The Standard Hotel (848 Washington Street New York, NY 10014)."
"The partnership, in celebration of NY Fashion Week, emphasizes the intersections between textile art, design, craft, street culture and the DIY movement."
"When the yarnbombing collective first began tagging in 2005, their art responded to the mass-produced. By inserting the handmade into a landscape of concrete and steel, they were cheekily adding warmth to our urban fixtures. Now Magda Sayeg, KnittaPlease founder, works to redefine a craft that has been relegated to the stuffy attic of people's brains and dismissed by a limited vision for knitting's purpose, its function, its practitioners. Sayeg's work repositions this granny pastime in public spaces, streets formerly dominated by a hard, masculine public art culture. The fuzzy tags invoke entirely different connotations than spray paint does, antagonizing expectations and initiating dialogue about community-driven art."

Thanks, loves! For more Knitta updates, visit the official web site.

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