Monday, September 7, 2009

In The Headlines

If you're in the States today, I hope you're not working. It's Labor Day, and so far I've spent this weekend doing as little work as possible. Plans included napping on the beach, swimming in choppy waves, and eating lots of fish (mostly of the fried variety). If the first two days were any indication of how the third will be, I'm excited. While I pour some lemonade, you can read the headlines.
Our newest Primary Sources addition represents NYC like no other. Say hello to Robots Will Kill. After numerous e-mails where I seemed like an illiterate, multi-tasking fool, these sweet things gave me a welcoming "What's up?" Definitely give them a look-see. They're teaming up with and others sponsors for the Scariest Sticker contest.

The Krah has some new prints that you can pick up at his site.

Speaking of RWK, I wanna be Luna Park when I grow up.

Norway's NuArt Festival is off to a raging start. Check their Flickr for all the goods.

Hang Up shares photos of Banksy's Bristol Museum exhibit earlier this year. The exhibit's generated heaps of traffic and now the city must decide if street art is vandalism or not.

Some San Fran street artists infiltrated this pineapple and turned it into a delightfully squishy messy.

To all my West Coast San Fran folk: if you can visit and photograph the tuna cannery in Bayview Hunters Point before it's demolished this month, I will love you forever.

The New York Times lists the best places to catch street art in Paris.

The BBC gets word of the Helenbeck's "Whole in the Wall" exhibit in NYC.

In Sydney, Josh2000's Manga girls get the buff.

D*Face's solo show opens on September 12 at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in NYC.

Inkfetish posted some new pieces on his blog.

If you're in Auckland, check out the local buses. Cut Collective are brighting up your daily commute with some new pieces.

Public art brings communities together in New Delhi, India.

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