Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September 2009: Team Macho at Giant Robot

Over the summer, I made at least five trips to Giant Robot. I was on a mission to meet KRSNA at his workplace. Unfortunately, our schedules never coincided, but I did get to see a lot of great art. In addition to their shows, they carry books, tees, and other assorted goodies. This month, they're featuring drawings by Toronto-based collective Team Macho. Here are the goods:
"Giant Robot is proud to host 'Long Time Listener, First Time Caller', an art show featuring new work by Team Macho. A reception for Team Macho will be held from 6:30 to 10:00 on Saturday, September 19."
"Team Macho is a collaborative illustration and fine art effort composed of Lauchie Reid, Chris Buchan, Nicholas Aoki, Jacob Whibley, and Stephen Appleby-Barr."
"The Toronto-based group uses all media (excepting digital), and its work crosses a multitude of boundaries in terms of conception and application. Pieces are rarely pre-planned, and only take form through the artists seeing each other at work."
"The end results are always surprising, witty, and pleasing in unexpected ways. Lately, Team Macho has been working toward a more finished look, with effort being put toward older modes of painting such as oils and airbrushing."
"'Long Time Listener, First Time Caller' will feature new work with the focus, as always, being to explore the collaborative process, as well as a number of classic prints."

Thanks, guys! All photos are property of Team Macho and you can find heaps more at their website. Jump on the Giant Robot mailing list and stay connected through their blog. If you go to the show, tell KRSNA that I'm sorry we never connected over the summer, but I'm doing everything I can to get back to NYC for good.


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