Tuesday, September 1, 2009

July 2009: Senyc Lies in Newark Part Dos

I love my Jersey girls. My friend Jess recently embarked on a master's program in art history at American University. (Congrats, girl!) Alex, a fellow class of '08-er, is in my boat studying for the GRE. Diane, a Jersey by way of Connecticut transplant, just earned her master's in public affairs at Princeton. Damn! No matter how you slice it, those Jersey girls know how to hustle. But don't forget about the Jersey guys! A while ago, we heard from Newark graff man Senyc Lies. Today, he's back to share his pieces and plans for the future. He writes:

"Hey Meg! So guess what, dude? I got some more pictures for you! Hope you enjoy this batch! :-) These first three photos were taken in Newark, New Jersey in late July 2009."

"I found myself trying something new, but definitely working with the same vibes as my recent pieces. I thought I'd test my self with time and limit with this whole piece. Working within an 8 feet high and 35 feet wide space, I made sure to max it all out in about 3 hours tops."

"It was a beautiful day- not to hot for a summer day in Jersey- which made it a perfect paint session. I think I found myself getting even more abstract with my work."

"These last two photos were taken in Newark in early August 2009. Where do I start with this one? I'd been prepping my mind for a good couple of days for this piece. I wanted to really try something wild and new, but I still wanted to see my style in it."

"I came up with the weird arrows and shaped letters with little monsters inside. This piece actually took about 5 hours. It had a lot more lines and coloring than the first. I had a lot of problems with the tips for the cans which actually happens to me a lot. Finally, it came out to be a pretty damn good piece. My style is evolving rapidly just like a stream of water. This day was another beautiful day. It's great to free my mind and lay out what goes on in it."

"Enjoy these sets of pictures and stay tuned. I'm planning on doing a huge project as soon as I get everything put together! Peace, Senyc Lies."

Thanks, Senyc! Keep those e-mails a-comin' and good luck with that master plan!

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