Thursday, September 24, 2009

September 2009: Cope2 and Chor Boogie in L.A.

Back in the days of Biggie and Tupac, West Coast and East Coast never mixed. Today, it's totally acceptable to traverse time zones and share ideas. The latest show at L.A.'s Mid-City Arts exemplifies cross-coastal collaboration. This Saturday, the gallery presents "Beauty and the Beast," a collection of works by Cope2 and Chor Boogie. The opening reception runs from 7-11 p.m. Here's the goods:

"Cope2 is a graffiti legend from the Bronx whose reputation for bombing has earned him the title “God of Destruction”. He was recently tapped to customize a vinyl toy for the Bic Buddy Artist Series 1, and was hired by TIME Magazine to create a unique billboard for them."
"Chor Boogie hails from San Diego, CA, and his work is purely legal, spiritual and therapeutic. A deep spiritual healing and recovery from addiction nearly a decade ago transformed his life and has had a major impact in his style of color therapy and techniques of creative innovation."
"These two diverse artists come together for the "Beauty & The Beast" exhibit at Mid-City Arts, curated by Pose2 to challenge and expand our notions of art."
"Both artists have been featured in the media several times. Cope2 has been featured in a Converse/MTV Artist spotlight. Chor Boogie and Pose2 created an MTV ad."
Thanks, guys! For more photos, check the show's Flickr page. Tomorrow, we'll have one of the most somber posts ever on Illicit Exhibitions. Get ready.

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